Upper Harbour is a truly special part of Auckland City. Only 30 years ago the area was still dominated by orchards and small farms; and the legacy of this can still be seen from the 100+ year old fruit trees that still stand in some of our parks. Now Upper Harbour is one of the fastest growing parts of Auckland, with an expected 98,000 residents by 2028. That means in many cases we are creating entirely new communities; with new public spaces and community facilities; where almost everyone has migrated to the area from somewhere.

Key Challenges for Upper Harbour

One of the features that makes Upper Harbour great is our unique environment. The costal habitat of the harbour is home to migratory birds and the elusive banded rail. Feeding into the harbour are stream and wetlands supporting threatened freshwater fish and curations. Upper Harbour also has the second largest urban tree cover in Auckland; which is essential as we sit at the heart of the North West Wildlink. Yet these green spaces are not evenly shared across Upper Harbour, and as land use changes there are opportunities to restore wetland, clean up streams, and fill gaps in the our tree cover.

As Auckland’s growth continues to press north the role of Upper Harbour will also change. Upper Harbour already contains the north’s largest industrial centre and Auckland’s most successful Business Improvement District. We are the home of North Harbour Stadium and many sub regional sports facilities that service the north and north-west. In 2023 Auckland Council will open their new office for the North and West Auckland in Albany. Upper Harbour is growing to be the main centre of North Auckland.

In spite of it’s significance, funding for the success of Upper Harbour is far from certain. Upper Harbour lacks the legacy development of community facilities that older suburbs have; we are not just building for new communities we are trying to catch up with existing development. And we are doing it at a time when Council is trying to address budget deficits and increased
demand to invest in climate ready infostructure.

That is why Upper Harbour needs a Local Board Team with experience in getting outcomes. In their combined 3 terms on Auckland Council Anna and Nicholas have achieved for Upper Harbour new play spaces at Huntington Park, Observation Green, and Rosedale Park Disc Golf; they have
helped increase ecological volunteer participation and support; achieved plans and partial implementation of future walking and cycling facilities; and worked with neighbouring Local Boards to achieve plans for a community recycling centre at Albany. Adding to this team Kyle and Sylvia bring their own experience in business, community, operating within Auckland