As a group we have decided not to make promises we can’t keep; instead we want to share with you the values we use to make decisions. We say Upper Harbour is our backyard because it is our home as much as it is yours. Backyards can be a little bit messy, because often that is where spend time living our lives. As such we want to focus on how you work, travel, play, and live in our communities; rather than the things that make politicians look good. We are a team that would rather be doing the right thing than be just be seen to do the right thing. As a team we believe Upper Harbour should be a place with:

Our Values:
Upper Harbour is our Backyard

  • Aspiring for a prosperous, ethical, and carbon neutral  economy
  • Learning from COVID-19 and preparing for future social and economic shocks
  • Helping businesses and households to reuse and minimize waste

Resilient Sustainable Economy

  • Creating walking and cycling paths that connect across Upper Harbour
  • Lobbying for better public transport and management of Park & Ride car parks
  • Working with AT to provide safer foot paths and road crossings

Greater Transport Choices

  • Lobbying for the acquisition of open space in growth areas for recreation and ecological purposes
  • Protecting and enhancing the North West Wildlink
  • Providing better access to and protection of our harbour

Growing Green Spaces

  • Delivering fun recreation options for all ages in all communities
  • Developing sports facilities for our growing communities
  • Facilitating social connections and helping communities develop their voice

Healthy Active Communities