For the last three years Anna Atkinson and Nicholas Mayne have represented your community on the Upper Harbour Local Board. Under the Local Board leadership of Lisa Whyte and Margaret Miles they worked well as a team to achieve the values they campaigned on. With Miles and Whyte both announcing they won’t be seeking re-election, Anna and Nicholas have put together a new team to carry on the work they have already started.
Joining the team are Kyle Parker and Sylvia Yang who bring their own unique experiences and expertise. They all share a commitment to the Living Upper Harbour values, and an agreed work ethic. This is not a team who will always vote the same way; but who commit to listening to the communities of Upper Harbour, to the expert advice provided to the Local Board, and to robustly and respectfully debate issues, before making any decisions.

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Introducing our four candidates for the Upper Harbour Local Board

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